One Reason Naked Women Look so Good

In order to create Eve, God took a rib from Adam. When God brought Eve to Adam, he got back a new and much improved version of what he had lost. Without Eve, Adam was a red Porsche with no motor or a Learjet without fuel. He looked good on the outside but something was missing. When Adam met […]

I’ve Never Done this Before!

I’ve done a lot of things in my life but I’ve never done this before. After watching the History Channel’s documentary The Bible I was deeply touched by their presentation of Jesus. While everything in every story wasn’t exactly as written in the Bible, Jesus was presented accurately as the Son of Man and the Son […]

I Saw Her Naked!

Here’s another look inside my new book … The evening I first saw my wife naked, I beheld heaven. Nothing in creation compared with the wonder of her body. Shortly after our honeymoon, I suggested we institute a no-clothing policy in our apartment, when we were alone. Being the modest type, she declined. Despite my repeated […]

A Review of Rob Bell’s Book: Love Wins

Rob Bell’s bestselling book, Love Wins has stirred up a hornet’s nest of controversy. He’s done this by asking questions in ways that cut deep, exposing raw muscle, bone and tendon. For instance, he asks, “Does God punish people for thousands of years with infinite, eternal torment for things they did in their few years […]