What Dimension Does God Live In?

Every once in a while I run across an insight so amazing it changes the way I view things. I first heard this one from Astrophysicist Dr. Hugh Ross. He suggests we imagine the two-dimensional image on a television screen actually consists of a living two-dimensional world. If you placed your fingertip on the screen, […]

How to Respond When You Plans are Delayed

Immediate gratification is a driving force in our lives. We expect pain to go away fast–that’s what aspirin are for. We expect immediate success. Of course, such expectations are in keeping with what we see on TV–men get sex whenever they want it, relational conflicts are resolved in an hour, and other men have the […]

Why Some Mice Swim Longer

Nobody, and I mean nobody, makes it through life without encountering discouragement. And how we handle discouragement will dictate not only our emotional and mental health, but our ability to bring a vision into reality. So how do we get past discouragement to the prize on the other side?

I’m Tired of Being Bullied

I, for one, am tired of being pushed around by a culture that doesn’t give God the time of day. I’m also tired of watching other men passively fade into the background of the wallpaper hanging in Satan’s office. If we’re going to fulfill our God-given purpose as men, it’s imperative we stand up to […]