The one thing EVERY woman needs

While friendship within marriage is not the sexiest topic, studies indicate it is actually the most important factor in marital satisfaction. This point is emphasized in Real Marriage, a book by Seattle-based pastor, Mark Driscoll. In his book, Driscoll cites a preeminent sociologist’s study on marriage, which found, “The determining factor in whether wives feel satisfied […]

I’m Tired of Being Bullied

I, for one, am tired of being pushed around by a culture that doesn’t give God the time of day. I’m also tired of watching other men passively fade into the background of the wallpaper hanging in Satan’s office. If we’re going to fulfill our God-given purpose as men, it’s imperative we stand up to […]

Replace Taboos with Openness and Love

Have you ever noticed that Jesus never responded to a question by saying, “Now that was the dumbest question I ever heard?” In fact, Jesus invited questions and open discussion. On one occasion for example, James and John asked if they could occupy the seats to his left and right in the Kingdom. Jesus didn’t […]