How to evict a demon

How to evict a demon

Evicting a demon involves taking authority over it, naming it, and commanding it, in the name of Jesus Christ, to leave and go where Jesus sends it. However, if you only read this blog, without looking over those I’ve written for the last couple months, you’ll be ill-equipped to evict an evil spirit. Why? Because today’s step must follow those that preceded it. Otherwise, the demon won’t leave or it could manifest itself in a dramatic and dangerous way. Of course, an evil spirit may manifest itself anyway, but the previous steps reduce the likelihood and remove any right it has to remain.

Having said that, here’s what happened to a man I recently met with.

After spending a couple hours helping Sean extend forgiveness to himself and those who had wronged him and repenting of sinful thoughts and actions, it was time to evict the evil spirits that had tormented him for decades.

Wanting to prepare him for what might happen, I told him, “When I ask the demon to identify itself you may hear a name. It could be something like, lust, death, suicide, anger, rage, or a word or name you don’t know.”

Sean nodded his head indicating he understood.

“When I command it to leave, you may feel something. I’ve seen people suddenly cry out or convulse. One man’s muscles went completely limp and he slumped over in his chair, unable to move. It may choke you. It could speak through you. Or, you may not feel anything at all.

“Will I know it’s left?” he asked.

“Yes. You’ll know it’s gone because you’ll likely feel it leave. You may hear it cry out as it leaves. People tell me after it’s gone they have a tremendous sense of freedom, lightness and cleanness.”

“Are you ready?”

“I’m ready,” he said.

Because we had talked I already knew the identity of some of the demons. “In the name of Jesus Christ I am taking authority over every evil spirit that inhabits Sean,” I said. “I forbid you from lying to me or communicating with each other. When I tell you to leave you must comply.”

Following the example of Paul in Acts 16:16-18 I ordered the demons out. “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you, demon of self-hatred, to leave Sean and go wherever Jesus Christ sends you and never come back and torment him.”

Sean grabbed his chest, “It hurts,” he said. “I think I’m having a heart attack.”

“I command you to leave Sean and not hurt him,” I said.

Sean grabbed his chest with both hands. “It hurts,” he said.

A moment later the pain subsided and Sean shook his head. “That was weird,” he said. “I could feel it leave.”

Thirty minutes later, Sean was a free man. But two steps remained to preserve his freedom. Next week, we’ll look at the first one.

Photo by Dave R, CC

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