I Won’t Be Bullied!

I, for one, am tired of being pushed around by a culture that doesn’t give God the time of day. I’m tired of watching other men passively fade into the background of the wallpaper hanging in Satan’s office. If we’re going to fulfill our God-given purpose as men, we’ve got to stand up to these […]

Getting People to Change Who Don’t Want To

I was surprised to discover a Harris poll that revealed over 90 percent of the people surveyed would change their lives dramatically if they could, and they ranked such intangibles as self-respect, affection, and acceptance higher than status, money, and power (Herding Cats, Warren Bennis). People don’t like the way they live, but they don’t […]

Get the Wood Off the Track!

I sometimes have people tell me they want to write a book, launch a business, or learn a new sport. When I ask what’s holding them back, many shrug their shoulders and say they’re not sure. A few say they have a hard time getting started.

The Fly in Paterno’s Perfume

Few men have fallen as far and as fast as Joe Paterno. I suspect that’s because few men have risen to the heights he achieved. If you include his years as an assistant at Penn State he coached there for 62 years. He holds the record for most victories by a FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) […]