The one thing EVERY woman needs

While friendship within marriage is not the sexiest topic, studies indicate it is actually the most important factor in marital satisfaction. This point is emphasized in Real Marriage, a book by Seattle-based pastor, Mark Driscoll. In his book, Driscoll cites a preeminent sociologist’s study on marriage, which found, “The determining factor in whether wives feel satisfied […]

Break. Smash. Shatter the Cycle.

Jesus told us to ask God to “Lead us not into temptation” (Matthew 6:13). The Lord didn’t mean that unless we asked him not to do so, God would tempt us. God cannot sin nor could he tempt anyone to sin. Instead, we should continually ask God to lead us away from temptation. In essence, we […]

I Saw Her Naked!

Here’s another look inside my new book … The evening I first saw my wife naked, I beheld heaven. Nothing in creation compared with the wonder of her body. Shortly after our honeymoon, I suggested we institute a no-clothing policy in our apartment, when we were alone. Being the modest type, she declined. Despite my repeated […]