God and the Twilight Zone

How does God deal with us when we choose to live as though he doesn’t exist? It might surprise you to discover that God simply turns us over to our evil appetites (Romans 1:24-32). Maybe that doesn’t sound so bad. But it is. An episode of The Twilight Zone shows just how harmful it can be.

Don’t Give Up on Your Dreams

Between the period of childhood and adulthood, something pretty amazing happens, and it’s more than just getting taller and wiser. It seems as if the world at some point, comes down and crushes our childhood capacity to dream that we can make a difference in the world. Age certainly brings with it a proper understanding […]

The Difference Between Values and Practices

Values are not practices. A practice is an activity or action. A practice that works in one situation may not work in another because practices apply to specific situations. Because my second son, David, lived to be with people, when he was young sending him to his room when he misbehaved resulted in a transformed […]