The Day My Friend Caught Fire

The Day My Friend Caught Fire

My first best friend was a neighbor who lived behind me in Roswell, New Mexico. His name was Eddy Borland. We were inseparable. In addition to playing baseball together, we liked to light fires. One day something happened and Eddy’s shirt caught on fire. He panicked and started to run. I tackled him and threw myself on his shirt snuffing out the fire . . . pretty fast thinking for an eight-year- old. Eddy looked at me and said, “You saved my life.”

An Alliance you Must Avoid

Sometimes the appeal of an ill-advised alliance can lead people in the wrong direction. Know what I mean? Bonnie and Clyde should have dated someone else. Erick and Lyle Menendez were brothers but should have parted company when they first started talking about eliminating their parents. And what about Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? Their story […]

One Reason Naked Women Look so Good

In order to create Eve, God took a rib from Adam. When God brought Eve to Adam, he got back a new and much improved version of what he had lost. Without Eve, Adam was a red Porsche with no motor or a Learjet without fuel. He looked good on the outside but something was missing. When Adam met […]

How to Encourage a Discouraged Friend

Leaders typically manipulate others to acquire power. That’s why you’d expect a king’s son to use his push and pull to acquire his father’s throne. And that’s what makes Jonathan so unusual. He was the ancient prince who wanted somebody else to be the next king. Why? Because he knew that a man other than […]