God’s Not Disappointed with You

One night last year I was lying in bed when I sensed God say, “I’m not disappointed with you.” The words seemed odd at the time because I don’t recall thinking “God’s disappointed with me.” You know, like a dad when his son strikes out. But even if I hadn’t thought those precise words, I […]

Break. Smash. Shatter the Cycle.

Jesus told us to ask God to “Lead us not into temptation” (Matthew¬†6:13). The Lord didn’t mean that unless we asked him not to do so, God would tempt us. God cannot sin nor could he tempt anyone to sin. Instead, we should continually ask God to lead us away from temptation. In essence, we […]

You’re the Keeper of Your Heart

The great composer Mendelssohn visited a cathedral in Europe that housed one of the most magnificent organs in the world. The German composer quietly sat in a pew and listened as the cathedral organist prepared for the Sunday mass. When he finished, Mendelssohn approached and asked, “Could I play the organ?”