Believing in the Invisible God

Astrophysicist Dr. Hugh Ross suggests we imagine that the two-dimensional image on a television screen actually consists of a living two-dimensional world. If you placed your fingertip on the screen, what would the people in the two-dimensional world see? Your fingertip would be a flat, round, two-dimensional image that would look like a dot. No […]

Don’t Knock Down the Wrong Domino

Sometimes a poor alliance is the first falling domino in a line of dominos that leads to catastrophe. If you’re looking for an example you don’t need to go any further than the Old Testament. Seldom has a leader made more ill-advised alliances than Lot. Initially, the unions he forged seemed as harmless as choosing […]

Three P’s That Will Change Your Life

Spiritual victory is a line, not a dot. By that I mean it’s not a single attitude or action; it’s a series of attitudes and actions which, over time, define who we are. If we drew it on a piece of paper, it would appear as a wavy line that goes up and down, but […]