Believing in the Invisible God

Astrophysicist Dr. Hugh Ross suggests we imagine that the two-dimensional image on a television screen actually consists of a living two-dimensional world. If you placed your fingertip on the screen, what would the people in the two-dimensional world see? Your fingertip would be a flat, round, two-dimensional image that would look like a dot. No […]

Don’t Knock Down the Wrong Domino

Sometimes a poor alliance is the first falling domino in a line of dominos that leads to catastrophe. If you’re looking for an example you don’t need to go any further than the Old Testament. Seldom has a leader made more ill-advised alliances than Lot. Initially, the unions he forged seemed as harmless as choosing […]

Three P’s That Will Change Your Life

Spiritual victory is a line, not a dot. By that I mean it’s not a single attitude or action; it’s a series of attitudes and actions which, over time, define who we are. If we drew it on a piece of paper, it would appear as a wavy line that goes up and down, but […]

God and the Twilight Zone

How does God deal with us when we choose to live as though he doesn’t exist? It might surprise you to discover that God simply turns us over to our evil appetites (Romans 1:24-32). Maybe that doesn’t sound so bad. But it is. An episode of The Twilight Zone shows just how harmful it can be.