How I Know God is Approachable

Make no mistake about it: Many people fear God and think he’s about as approachable as King Kong. They recall the story of Moses and the terrified Israelites at Mt. Sinai when God revealed himself with, “thunder and lightning flashes, and a thick cloud upon the mountain and a very loud trumpet sound, so that […]

An Alliance you Must Avoid

Sometimes the appeal of an ill-advised alliance can lead people in the wrong direction. Know what I mean? Bonnie and Clyde should have dated someone else. Erick and Lyle Menendez were brothers but should have parted company when they first started talking about eliminating their parents. And what about Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? Their story […]

One Reason Naked Women Look so Good

In order to create Eve, God took a rib from Adam. When God brought Eve to Adam, he got back a new and much improved version of what he had lost. Without Eve, Adam was a red Porsche with no motor or a Learjet without fuel. He looked good on the outside but something was missing. When Adam met […]

Did Jesus Ever Claim to Be God?

Many believe that Christianity is a broad and accepting religion that would eliminate no one who sincerely seeks God. While they believe all religions have some technical distinctions, they believe all religions are basically the same. They would say, “It doesn’t matter how you get to God as long as you get there.”

Why I Believe Jesus is God

Sometimes people get upset when they realize that Jesus taught that he is the only way to God. They insist that such a narrow and exclusive message must be wrong. Of course, their conclusion is based on the assumption that anything that’s narrow must be wrong. Today we’re taught the value of tolerance. And we […]