I Won’t Be Bullied!

I, for one, am tired of being pushed around by a culture that doesn’t give God the time of day. I’m tired of watching other men passively fade into the background of the wallpaper hanging in Satan’s office. If we’re going to fulfill our God-given purpose as men, we’ve got to stand up to these […]

Rein in Toxic Thoughts and Emotions

I was eight years old and riding a quarter horse across some land my family owned outside of Roswell, New Mexico. As I headed the horse away from the stables he repeatedly resisted my lead and tried to reverse direction. After we had gone a couple hundred yards he suddenly turned toward the stables and […]

Fear Buster–Break the Power of Fear

Fear is a powerful emotion that can steal hope, dissipate energy, trigger depression, and undermine confidence. It’s also a culprit I know too well. In fact, last December I was battling a fear that almost pushed me into a vortex of depression.