I Saw a Miracle

I suspect over the years I’ve prayed for thousands of sick people. I’m happy to say most of them recovered … but not everyone. Some of the most agonizing prayers I’ve uttered seemed to have no effect on the outcome.

Scientific Proof that Jesus is the Only Way to God

Sometimes people get upset when they realize that Jesus taught that he is the only way to God. They insist that such a narrow and exclusive message must be wrong. Of course, their conclusion is based on the assumption that anything that’s narrow must be wrong. Today we’re taught the value of tolerance. And we […]

The First Gay President?

I did not write the subject line for this article. It is from the latest edition of Newsweek. In publicly supporting same-sex marriage, the president propelled the issue into the national spotlight. Whether homosexual marriage is supported by the U.S. Constitution–some say it is and others disagree–there is no denying western culture has widely embraced such […]