An Alien Egg Under a Tumbleweed

An Alien Egg Under a Tumbleweed

On July 8, 1947, an alien spacecraft crashed outside of Roswell, New Mexico. While the crash of the UFO is common knowledge, few know that before dying the lone surviving alien managed to safely store a large egg in a rift near the crash site.

God and the Twilight Zone

How does God deal with us when we choose to live as though he doesn’t exist? It might surprise you to discover that God simply turns us over to our evil appetites (Romans 1:24-32). Maybe that doesn’t sound so bad. But it is. An episode of The Twilight Zone shows just how harmful it can be.

Porn: The New Narcotic

If you, or a friend or family member, struggles with an irresistible urge to watch porn, then here’s some information you need to know. New neurological research reveals that porn is as potentially addictive as heroin or cocaine. Yes, you read it right. Porn is as potentially addictive as heroin or cocaine. This is huge […]

God’s Not Disappointed with You

One night last year I was lying in bed when I sensed God say, “I’m not disappointed with you.” The words seemed odd at the time because I don’t recall thinking “God’s disappointed with me.” You know, like a dad when his son strikes out. But even if I hadn’t thought those precise words, I […]