Sam Storms
I’ve known San since seminary. He loves God and is a brilliant theologian and writer. Read some of his articles and blogs and you’ll see what I mean.

The Great Hunt for Gods
Jim Ramos and I sat in my den and in a moment of inspiration decided on the name for his new ministry: The Great Hunt for God. Since then the ministry has grown in its influence and resources. If you’re into Podcasts, give Jim’s a try as he interviews the most influential and insightful men in men’s ministries.

Million Mighty Men
It’s been said that man’s greatest fear isn’t death but inadequacy. Every man wants to know his life matters. He wants to feel like he’s making a difference in the world around him.

The truth is, God wired you that way. He wants you to crave meaning because he wants to give it to you. God wants your life to matter. In light of that fact, I’ve pondered why so many men question their value. As I’ve traveled the country and talked with men personally and in small groups, I’ve concluded many Christian men feel unimportant—though perhaps successful—because they’re retreating spiritually. They’ve been bullied by the world and have raised the white flag. They’ve given up on their efforts to let God use them to make a difference. They no longer believe they can be an impact player for God’s kingdom. They view such ideas as nothing more than childlike fantasies—like boyhood dreams of being a pro baseball or football player.

Lifesong for Orphans
This is a ministry that provides hope and help to orphans and is a partner with Million Mighty Men. Wonderful team of men!

Covenant Eyes
Okay, let’s shoot straight with each other. Without accountability a lot of us will go places on the Internet that undermine our spiritual growth. For some of us that means we search out sexual images. Other guys log onto gambling sites where they risk money they can’t afford to lose.

Jesus taught us to ask our heavenly Father to “lead us not into temptation.” I take that to mean we should ask God to never allow us to have the opportunity to sin when we have the inclination to sin. While I can’t always control my inclinations, I can control the opportunities I encounter. One way I do this on the Internet is through an accountability system called Covenant Eyes. The name Covenant Eyes refers to a passage in the book of Job in which Job said, “I have made a covenant with my eyes that I will not look lustfully on a girl” (Job 31:1).

The way the system works is that when you sign up, Covenant Eyes keeps a non-erasable history of every site you visit on the Internet. It then identifies “questionable” sites and periodically emails the list to two accountability partners you’ve selected. I’ve chosen my 20-year old son and my ministry partner at Million Mighty Men.

Does it work? Let me ask you a question: Would you go to a pornographic site if you knew your son or daughter would know about it? Of course not! This system is effective because it takes the secrecy out of Internet surfing. As a Mighty Man of God I want to encourage you to check out Covenant Eyes. Remember, revival will come one man one day at a time. That means we have to be aggressive in guarding ourselves from opportunities to sin during moments of weakness.

Iron Sharpens Iron
I’ve had privilege of speaking at their events across the United States. Their one day events provide an opportunity for men to connect with God and receive practical and inspirational teaching. Their website will give you an update on any ISI events close to you.

NW Men’s Coalition
NW Men’s Coalition is a regional ministry devoted to helping churches in SW Washington and Oregon disciple men. It offers coaching, training, program resources and encouragement for pastors and men’s ministry leaders. NWMC is the host for the Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Equipping Conference held in the Portland area each year. The President and Director of NWMC is Dennis Deardorff, former pastor and men’s ministry leader for over 35 years.

Church For Men
David Murrow, the author of Why Men Hate Going to Church, is a cool guy—I know because he’s stayed in my home and I’ve stayed in his. David’s site has some great links for men’s ministries. By the way—I actually had the privilege of baptizing a friend I led to Christ in the steam that flows through David’s back yard in Alaska. Yes, the water was cold. His site offers insights aimed at helping you connect with men while building a man friendly church.

All About God
This is an absolutely amazing site. It’s got answers for all sorts of questions like: does God exist? Is the Bible true? Who is God? Is Jesus God? It also answers  questions about science, world religions, philosophy and archaeology. Take a moment and check out this amazing and helpful site.

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