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Freedom Ministries
Jesus declared, “If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed” (John 8:36). If true, why are so many of his followers enslaved to fear, addiction, depression, despair, anger, self-hatred and a host of other sins? Why do we spend so much time and money on solutions that help manage a problem but don’t give lasting freedom? Why do we focus on the shame of relapse and our inability to break free of fear, anger and depression?

The fact is most current books and teaching focus on sin management not freedom. I know, because I’ve written some of them. I’m not diminishing their value or role. I’m just saying Jesus promises freedom. He gives us the truth needed to demolish strongholds and resurrect spiritual power while healing relationships.

Speak Resurrection Event
The purpose of this event is to equip participants to discover the power and authority of Jesus Christ to transform every loss into a gain, every fear into courage, and every stronghold into a strength.

When Jesus told his disciples he would go to Jerusalem where he would be killed and three days later be raised to life, Peter rebuked him to his face, “Never, Lord!” he said. “This shall never happen to you” (Matthew 16:22).

When Peter used the word, “This,” what was he referring to? Jesus had said he would die and be raised. Clearly, Peter spoke of the Lord’s death, not his resurrection. Like Peter, when we hear or do something discouraging our mind locks onto the death of a dream, a relationship, resources, or health. Such thinking fuels fear, despair, depression, hopelessness and spiritual strongholds.

And yet, as followers of Jesus, when something goes wrong shouldn’t our mind focus on resurrection, not death? Shouldn’t we celebrate the Lord who breathes life into our losses?

This event will introduce you to the Lord’s resurrection power to heal your brain, transform your mind, restore relationships, and liberate you from negative thoughts, emotions and addictions.

During the five sessions you’ll see the Lord Jesus Christ:

  • Resurrect Freedom
  • Resurrect Forgiveness
  • Resurrect Repentance
  • Resurrect Authority
  • Resurrect My Mind

This event is unlike anything you’ve experienced and God will use it to transform how you think and live.

Speak Resurrection Freedom Sessions

For Individuals:
Private sessions are for individuals who can’t get free from whatever binds them–fear, anger, addiction, lust, depression, or whatever.  A single session usually lasts three hours but can take longer. Sometimes multiple sessions are needed.

For Couples:
Helping resurrect a marriage involves a private session with the husband and wife and then a session with the two together. Each private session usually takes three hours with the couple’s follow-up session also taking three hours.

For More Information
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