I’m not. That is, I’m not dying. But I can worry like a man waiting for a doc’s fatal diagnosis. And yet, I’m an amateur worrier compared to a friend. I asked him once if he ever noticed that most of the things he worries about never happen. He smiled and said, “Yeah, I noticed. Just proves that worrying works.”

The truth is worrying never accomplished a thing except ruining the present. Worry does nothing more than pull tomorrow’s clouds over today’s sunshine while it wears away our faith, robs us of sleep, and occasionally produces an ulcer or heart attack. Of course, recognizing the harmful effects of worrying doesn’t make us stop. But the words of Jesus might. If we would take them to heart.

In Matthew 6:26-33, Jesus gave us six reasons for trusting in God rather than worrying. His words make as much sense today as they did back then.

First, since God gave us the greater gift of life, he will also give us the lesser gift of food and clothing (v. 28). To put that illustration in contemporary terms–if a father gives a child a car, won’t he also give him the keys? Of course! So as long as you have breath don’t sweat the small stuff like food and clothing.

Second, the God who provides for the birds will provide for us. After all, we are of greater value than any bird (v. 26). To help you remember this, the next time you see a bird–let its presence remind you of how much God loves you and promises to meet your needs.

Third, worry doesn’t change a thing (v. 27). Like a man in a rocking chair, worry consumes energy, but gets us nowhere.

Fourth, worry ignores the faithfulness of God (vv. 28-30). The same God who so wonderfully clothes the flowers of the field is responsible to care for us. Every blossoming flower is a reminder of God’s faithfulness. Fifth, we are God’s children (vv. 31-33). He will never treat us like orphans who need to fend for themselves.

Finally, when we worry about tomorrow we miss out on today. Any problem we face can be handled, with God’s help, one day at a time.

The next time you’re under pressure, pray for the grace you need to depend on God. Above are six good reasons to keep you from worrying.

Photo by Kristin Andrus, CC

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