Most of us have faced the inconvenience of losing power for a few hours. If a car battery failed we may have been stranded. If it was a power outage due to an ice or wind storm, we may have suffered through a dark and cold night.

What made Hurricane Irma so crippling was that it affected the entire Florida peninsula.  As many as 16 million people lost power.  Now remember, we’re not talking about a neighborhood or city suffering a blackout, we’re talking about a massive population unable to log onto the Internet, make a phone call, turn on an air-conditioner, use a toaster, or do anything else that demands electricity.

A power loss has devastating results. And yet every moment of every day hundreds of millions of Christians are tapping into the power of God through his Spirit. And guess what? There has never been, nor will there ever be, a spiritual energy blackout caused by a storm or any other disaster. It can’t happen because God’s power is infinite and his delivery system sure.

The next time you face a temptation, discouragement, or a challenging opportunity–thank God that his power never fails. And consider what it would be like if every follower of Jesus simultaneously tapped into God’s power. Maybe tomorrow will be that day. Instead of a blackout–we’ll see revival.

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