Some of the most dramatic healing I’ve seen occurred after evicting demons. It’s stunning to me how many illnesses like headaches, digestive issues, panic, depression and back pain–to name a few–result from afflicting spirits. One desperate woman Cindy and I met with came to us with her left arm in a sling and her body covered with sores and red spots. Her left bicep had torn loose from her shoulder and formed a ball above her elbow. She also suffered from an undiagnosed and untreatable itching disorder which drove her to scratch where she itched until bleeding occurred. She would then scratch the next itch. Her face and body were covered with open sores and red spots.

The process of evicting her demons involved discovering the root–trauma, injustice, generational sin, curses, or soul-ties. Each person who contributed to these had to be forgiven. And she had to forgive herself for the sinful thoughts and actions she committed in response to the wrong she suffered–sins like bitterness, self-hatred, medicating their pain with sex, food, gambling, and dishonesty–to name a few (these are issues people struggle with but weren’t necessarily her issues). Next, she had to repent of enslaving thoughts and actions. This process may sound simple but it took hours hours of prayer and questioning to identify the root and the lie behind it.

Paul writes in Ephesians 4:26-27, “…do not let the sun go down on your anger, and do not give the devil an opportunity.” The Greek word for “opportunity,” “tepos,” speaks of a foothold, lodging or legal jurisdiction. Until a person forgives and repents a spirit will not leave because it has a right to be there because it has been given a “tepos.” After forgiveness and repentance take place the demons must leave when commanded to do so in the name of Jesus Christ. That does not mean they all leave immediately. Some only leave after fasting and prayer–as Jesus taught (Matthew 17:21). Some only leave after tormenting the person with manifestations. But they must leave.

After a lengthy freedom  session with the woman mentioned above her arm no longer hurt and the itching had stopped. When she visited her doctor the next week–after cancelling a scheduled surgery–he was stunned that her left arm had greater strength and a greater range of motion than the right one. He was even more amazed when the MRI showed the bicep had reattached itself. “Not where I would have attached it,” he said. “But it’s attached.” Months later her face and skin were free of sores and red spots.

Her story is an extreme example but I’ve seen others healed when freed from tormenting demons.

As an aside, I refuse to do a freedom session except with people who are desperate. People for whom medical care, therapy, counseling, Bible reading, prayer and any other effort for freedom has failed. Why? Because desperate people will forgive and repent.

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