Have you ever done anything horrible that you’ve kept secret? Have you suffered something horrible that you’ve kept secret?

If you answered yes to either question, it’s likely you’ve got a stronghold. And if you do, I’d guess there’s an area, or areas of your life, that are out of control. It could be anger, lust, depression, despair, self-hatred, greed or a host of other issues. You may have sought help from a counselor, therapist, pastor, small group, or recovery ministry or organization. You may have read your Bible and prayed. And while such assistance and spiritual practices may have enabled you to better manage your problem, you’re not free from it. You may be able to keep it under control for awhile, but you know you’ll blow it again.  And so do those close to you. Over time, you may conclude that freedom isn’t possible.

But why would keeping a shameful secret indicate you’ve got a stronghold? And how could a dark secret exert such power over you? It’s important to know that lies form the foundation of a stronghold. This means the entire structure stands on lies. When we did something wrong, or something wrong was done to us, we believed the lie that said if we told anyone we would be rejected. And so we concealed what happened–like Adam and Eve in the Garden, and David after he committed adultery and murder. The longer we hid our shameful secret the greater power it exerted over our lives. In time it became a stronghold where we hide other shameful secrets. What we don’t realize is that the purpose of the stronghold, and those who occupy it, is to keep the light of God from penetrating the darkness so we will remain enslaved to our evil passions (2 Corinthians 10:3-5).

The truth is the stronghold will stand until you tell someone what you did or what was done to you. Only then can the light of God penetrate the darkness and set you free. You need to tell someone. But be careful who you tell.


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