I was eight years old and riding a quarter horse across some land my family owned outside of Roswell, New Mexico. As I headed the horse away from the stables he repeatedly resisted my lead and tried to reverse direction. After we had gone a couple hundred yards he suddenly turned toward the stables and darted away at full speed. I tugged on the reins to control him. Nothing worked. I felt as helpless as a fly on his tail trying to control him with its antennas. Finally, I gave up and held on for my life as we raced toward the one thing he wanted . . . food.

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  1. Dale F Harper

    My name is Dale Harper. I met Bill Perkins through my church’s ministry to men through Pastor George Furman at our annual “Man Camp.” I have been doing “Man Camp” for around 4 years give or take a couple. I consider Bill Perkins to be a friend. Bill was instrumental in seeing me through “Deliverance Over Time.” Thank you Bill for your devotion to the Body of Christ to prepare us for the work of service May God continue to bless your ministry with much friut. By the way, George is also my friend.

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