Covenant Eyes

Without accountability a lot of us will go places that undermine spiritual growth. For some of us that means we search out sexual images. Other guys log onto gambling sites where they risk money they can’t afford to lose.

Jesus taught us to ask our heavenly Father to “lead us not into temptation.” I take that to mean we should ask God to never allow us to have the opportunity to sin when we have the inclination to sin. While I can’t always control my inclinations, I can control the opportunities I encounter. One way I do this on the Internet is through an accountability system called Covenant Eyes. The name Covenant Eyes refers to a passage in the book of Job in which Job said, “I have made a covenant with my eyes that I will not look lustfully on a girl” (Job 31:1).

The way the system works is that when you sign up, Covenant Eyes keeps a non-erasable history of every site you visit on the Internet. It then identifies “questionable” sites and periodically emails the list to two accountability partners you’ve selected. I’ve chosen my 20-year old son and my ministry partner at Million Mighty Men.

Does it work? Let me ask you a question: Would you go to a pornographic site if you knew your son or daughter would know about it? Of course not! This system is effective because it takes the secrecy out of Internet surfing. As a Mighty Man of God I want to encourage you to check out Covenant Eyes. Remember, revival will come one man one day at a time. That means we have to be aggressive in guarding ourselves from opportunities to sin during moments of weakness.

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