Last week a truck driver had a bad experience. Not as bad as it could have been since he walked away. Seems his rig got stuck on some train tracks. That’s when a fast-moving, fully loaded train hit the pipe-toting trailer. Pipes flew through the air like giant javelins. The train engineer slammed on the brakes but the train’s forward momentum pushed the trailer half-a-mile down the tracks.

Train Crashes into Semi Truck VIDEO Train Crashes Into Semi Stuck on Tracks
Train Crashes into Semi Truck VIDEO Train Crashes Into Semi Stuck on Tracks

A loaded train at speed has great power. And yet, if that train was sitting still you could prevent it from moving forward by placing a one-inch block-of-wood in front of each of the eight drive wheels on the locomotive. It’s notable that something so small could harness the power of a train . . . keep it from fulfilling its designed purpose . . . and render it as weak as a toy.

I think, at times, we’re a bit like that train. We’re hard to stop once we get going. But sometimes it’s hard to get going. Something small can hold us in place. Something small but important. Something we should do. Something we know we should do. But don’t.

It may be something bad we need to stop.

But it might be something good we need to start.

Either way, something small is jammed under the wheels, holding you back.

The Apostle Paul offers these words, “Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may win” (1 Corinthians 9:24).

Winning a race demands training to win a race. It means daily deciding to do some things you don’t like to do because they are necessary to achieve victory.

If you want to make a change that will change your life, identify a single activity that you need to begin. An activity that will give you forward momentum. It could have to do with your work, your physical conditioning, your relationships or your spiritual life. Once you’ve identified it, knock the blocks out from under your wheels and make a positive change. Building this habit will not only give you the momentum to move forward, but to get past the barriers you’ll encounter along the way.

Here’s my challenge: Identify one healthy habit that would improve your life and commit to practice it for 21 days . . . starting today. If you want some added motivation, tell a friend about your new habit.

You can make a difference in a friends life today by sending him this email and challenging him to make the four commitments of a mighty man of God. Revival will come one man, one day at a time.

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