On numerous occasions I’ve had men approach me and say, “I have a word from the Lord for you.” They would then speak the “word” which was actually many words, not just one. Without exception their “word” included something about my ministry and finances growing at a breath-taking pace. While I appreciated their encouragement, I’ve since wondered why their divine predictions haven’t happened.

Of course,  since I’m still alive, I suppose they still could. But in one case a specific timeline was included and that timeline has just about expired.


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I’ve had many people tell me God told them to do something which later turned  out to be a bad decision. Several years ago a friend  told me God had commanded him to move across the United States. And so he shut down his business, packed his belongings, and moved to Dallas. A few years later his finances were in shambles and he and his wife were divorcing. Did God send him to Dallas for that?

Such experiences confirmed my belief that God no longer speaks to people—except through the pages of the Bible.

That well thought out and often defended position cracked when God actually spoke to me. In that moment I knew I was either receiving a message from God or losing my mind. After acting on what I heard I saw a woman physically healed of a long-term and painful condition. God has spoken to me.

That experience, and additional ones, prompted me to begin an exhaustive study of the subject—reading a stack of books and talking with knowledgeable people. I also gave the Bible a more thorough look.

Previously, I had been taught that such communications were uncommon in the Bible and had died out by the end of the book of Acts. After all, with the Bible in hand, why do we need God to speak to us in any other way? Such arguments seemed strong until I actually began in Genesis and walked my way through the Bible noting how often God spoke to people with words, visions, dreams, impressions or angelic visitations.

In the Old Testament there was Adam, Eve, Cain, Noah, Noah and his sons, Job and his friends, Abraham, Joseph, Jacob, Abimelech, Isaac,  Joshua, Samuel, David, Nathan, Solomon, Jehu, Elijah, Isaiah, Ahaz, Manasseh and his people, Johan, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Haggai, Zechariah. You’ll certainly agree that’s a lot of people and there were others in the Old Testament.

In the Gospels an angel of the Lord appeared to Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist and Mary, the mother of Jesus. The Lord communicated with Joseph in dreams while an old man, Simeon, was told he wouldn’t die before seeing the Messiah. It’s apparent that God told the wise men about the star they followed to Bethlehem. And three times God spoke to Jesus in the hearing of other people. Later, the resurrected Jesus spoke to Paul.

Even a cursory study of the Bible reveals that it was common in biblical times for God to communicate with people. Jesus himself told his disciples the Holy Spirit would “teach you all things” (John 14:26), and “guide you into all truth” (John16:13). The Lord also promised that when his followers would be forced to testify before rulers and authorities,  they need not worry about what to say because, “the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say.”

All the time I was involved in this study, I was continuing to receive images, impressions and words from the Lord which when acted on changed lives. Initially, God interrupted me with a message of healing for a hurting woman. Now days, I sit and listen for him.

All of this has led me to conclude God speaks today and he wants you to hear him. Your challenge is to learn how to hear his voice through  the noise that is around and in us. Next week I’ll talk about how to discern the voice of God.

This is Part Three in a continuing series on Hearing God’s Voice.  Read Part OnePart Two, and Part Four.

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  1. Ken

    In 1971 I was visiting a friend in Portland Oregon and she needed to stop by one of her friend’s house to drop something off. We arrived at the friend’s house, rang the bell and the Father answered the door and invited us in. I talked to the Father with simple pleasantries while my friend ran up the stairs to deliver whatever she had and within 10 minutes was back down stairs to say a few words to the Father and out the door we went.
    I opened the car door for my friend and walked around to the driver side door and as I looked back at the house as I was getting in the car a voice (whether in my ear or my head) said, “You will live in this house one day”
    1972 Army, 1976 college SW US, 1981 graduate school SE US, 1985 Work in SW US. In 1989 I moved back to Oregon, I can’t even remember my friends name and have forgotten about the incident. 1990 I start attending a church on a regular basis and after about 6 months I was approached by a 70+ aged lady and she said her roommate was moving out and wanted to know if I would like to move in, she had heard I was looking. I had not met the lady in the 6 months I had been there so I asked the minister about the situation and he told me her husband and son had been killed 3 or 4 years earlier, she traveled a lot and liked someone there all of the time.
    I packed my bags and the next Sunday I followed her home to start moving in.
    If I stopped right now, your assumptions would be correct in thinking that it was the same house I was in 1971 and spoke to this lady’s husband for 10 minutes and never met any other member of the family nor had any other contact with the people in this church until I moved back to Oregon in 1989.
    I have to concur that I believe that God and the Holy Spirit still speak in wonderful and guiding ways and that we, as believers need to hone our hearing and submit our hearts to His Word, not putting words into his mouth.
    He/Spirit is always within us and guiding us. God’s Grace on us all.

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