6 Rules Every Man Must Break

If you’re into ‘nice’ religious books, don’t read this one. But if you want to be challenged, like to laugh, and want to know what God desires from real men, this is your book.”

– Steve Brown, author and host of Key Life nationally-syndicated radio program

6rulesBy breaking six specific rules you can throw off the shackles of other people’s expectations and pursue a more authentic and liberating faith. If you’ll refuse to be handcuffed by rules that aren’t God given you can:
– Strengthen your friendship with God
– Fight the battles Jesus fought
– Experience the true purpose of your life
– Tap into God’s power
– Get mad when you should
– Boldly pursue your God given dream

At the event men are encouraged to get into an eight-week follow-up study in which they use 6 Rules Every Man Must Break and the discussion questions at the end of each chapter. Ultimately, long-term life change occurs in small groups. I’ve found that over 70% of the men attending an event, who aren’t currently in a group, sign up for one of the studies.

 Create Momentum

The idea is for a 6 Rules Event to create momentum which is then captured by the eight-week follow-up studies and maintained by those groups that continue on after the eight weeks.

Some Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

What if by breaking six specific rules, you and the men you know could throw off the shackles of other people’s expectations and pursue a more authentic and liberating faith. In this seminar Bill has a message for men with the courage to break those rules—the same ones Jesus broke.

Suggested Agenda

Friday Night

7:00 Welcome, Music
7:15 Introduction of Bill Perkins
7:20 The Rule of Passivity…Never Get in a Fight 
Men must join Jesus and the revolution of grace and fight against any legalism that substitutes rules for a friendship with God.
7:50 The Rule of Perseverance…Never Give Up 
Men must give up the fight against their dark side with its selfish desires. This session will help men discover the source of life-changing power that flows from a friendship with God—not manmade rules.
8:20 Small group discussions # 1 
9:00  End

Saturday Morning

7:45 Continental breakfast (optional)
8:00 Training for follow-up small group leaders
8:30 Welcome, Music
8:45 The Rule of Independence…Never Ask For Help 
Men must break the rule that insists they find a purpose for life without God. This session will help men discover that by breaking the rule of independence and asking for God’s help they’ll find an answer to the question: Why am I here?
9:30 Small group discussion #2
9:50 Break
10:05 The Rule of Restraint…Never Lose Your Cool 
Yes, men should break the rule of restraint and get mad. In this session men will discover how to lose their cool without losing control.
10:45 Assimilation into Small Groups
10:55 Break 
11:10 The Rule of Impressing Others…Never Look Stupid 
In order to fulfill the dream God has put in his heart, a man must be willing to please God, even if it mean’s looking stupid. In this session men will discover how to pursue a God-given dream.
11:50 Small Group # 3
12:30 End

Weekends and Retreats

Events may take place Friday night and Saturday morning to leave time for other weekend activities. Or, they can take place on a weekend retreat. Men will be encouraged to join an eight-week follow-up group.

Host An Event

If you’re interested in hosting and event and need more information, please email us.

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