The Jesus Experiment

I’ve been a Christian all my life and have always heard that we need to be like Jesus, we need to give him our hearts, we need to surrender to his will, we need to walk with him, etc. But how does one actually do these things? Bill Perkins hits the nail on the head with this incredibly practical, engaging book. Read it, implement it, and your life will be changed.”

– T. Lopez

The Jesus ExperimentAn experiment is an operation or procedure carried out under controlled conditions in order to test or establish a hypothesis or illustrate a known law. The hypothesis of this book and seminar is that Jesus Christ gives a rich and satisfying life to those who follow him (John 10:10b).

At this seminar participants (men only, men and women, or the entire church) participants will live the Jesus experiment and discover the reliability of his promise when they follow in his steps. This seminar is life changing because it transforms how participants feel, think, speak and act.

 Suggested Agenda

Friday Night

7:00 Welcome, Music
7:15 Introduction of Bill Perkins
7:50 What Jesus did in Private: He Talked With His Father
8:45 Small Group Discussion #1
9:30 End

Saturday Morning

7:45 Continental breakfast (optional)
8:00 Six-Week Group Leader’s Meeting
8:30 Welcome, Music
8:45 What Jesus did in Private: He Overcame Evil
9:30 Small group discussion #2
9:50 Break
10:05 What Jesus did in Public: He Unexpectedly Helped Others
10:45 Assimilation into Small Groups
10:55 Break 
11:10 What Jesus Does in Us: He Empowers
11:50 Small Group # 3
12:30 End

Weekends and Retreats

Events may take place Friday night and Saturday morning to leave time for other weekend activities. Or, they can take place on a weekend retreat. Men will be encouraged to join an eight-week follow-up group.

Host An Event

If you’re interested in hosting and event and need more information, please email us.

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