Mission: Integrity

Even Good men face sexual temptation. What they need is a way to resist it.

goodmenMen who fall sexually have suffered the worst kind of identity theft. Since that’s the case, lasting victory rests on an understanding of their new and true identity in Christ, coupled with the insight needed to tap into the wisdom and power of God. This seminar provides a strategy that will help men think and live in accordance with their true identity. As that happens they’ll resist sexual temptation. And every temptation resisted will vitalize their walk with God, buoy their self-respect, strengthen their marriage, and provide an example for their children and friends to follow.

At the event men are encouraged to get into an eight-week follow-up study in which they use When Good Men are Tempted and the discussion questions at the end of each chapter. Ultimately, long-term life change occurs in small groups. I’ve found that over 70% of the men attending an event, who aren’t currently in a group, sign up for one of the studies.

Create Momentum

The idea is for a Mission Integrity event to create momentum which is then captured by the eight-week follow-up studies and maintained by those groups that continue on after the eight weeks.

An Unseen War Rages

An unseen war is raging for the hearts of men like never before. Cultural bullies are whispering dangerous messages. Temptation is a mouse click away, economic pressures weigh heavily, and the demands of work and family are a constant double bind. In the midst of this war men need a strategy for moral, sexual purity that works . . . one that will enable them to modern day might men of God.

Suggested Agenda

Friday Night

7:00 Welcome, Music
7:15 Introduction of Bill
7:50 The Power of Turbo Charged Sex – This session addresses the source of sexual lust. An examination of Romans 7 will help men understand why they’re drawn to “off limits” sexual experiences.
8:45 Small group discussions # 1
9:30  End

Saturday Morning

7:45 Continental breakfast (optional)
8:00 Six-Week Group Leader’s Meeting
8:30 Welcome, Music
8:45 How to Break the Temptation Cycle – This session will look at James 1:12-15 and provide men with a strategy to help them consistently resist temptation.
9:30 Small group discussion #2
9:50 Break
10:05 Living Free for the Rest of Your Life – Winning the battle requires an understanding of his new identity and a willingness to lock arms with other men.
10:45 Assimilation into Small Groups
10:55 Break
11:10 How God Helps You When You Fall – This session will provide hope and help for men who have fallen.
11:50 Small Group # 3
12:30 End

Weekends and Retreats

Events may take place Friday night and Saturday morning to leave time for other weekend activities. Or, they can take place on a weekend retreat. Men will be encouraged to join an eight-week follow-up group.

Host An Event

If you’re interested in hosting and event and need more information, please email us.

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