Give’em The Pickle … And They’ll Be Back

Both the speech and seminar are based on a book co-authored by Bob Farrell and Bill Perkins.   Bill will introduce and educate your organization on the principles of customer service excellence.

 The Keynote Speech

A dynamic 45 minute keynote presentation that is customized to your business needs. It will motivate your group toward customer service orientation by focusing on

  • Service
  • Consistency
  • Attitude
  • Teamwork.

In this keynote Bill uses humor and real-life stories to build your business so it will retain customers for life.

The Training Seminar

The entertaining and practical 2-4 hour seminar provides a challenging step-by-step workshop featuring proven, actionable tactics.

  • Create a customer service culture in your organization in which you’ll
    • Earn a reputation for service
    • Deliver service at every level
    • Deliver service by every employee
  • Build customer service strategies
  • Develop tools for a competitive edge.

The keynote speech and seminar will create a service environment where every customer will utter those three magic words, “I’ll be back!”

Host An Event

If you’re interested in hosting and event and need more information, please email us.

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