Consider these truths that come from a single  principle:

You reap only if you sow.

You reap only what you sow.

You reap after you sow.

You reap more than you sow.

All of this flows from the law of the harvest: “You always reap what you sow” (Galatians 6:7).

Throughout the day we sow seeds. If we sow compassion, we’ll reap love. If we sow honesty, we’ll reap trust. If we sow faithfulness, we’ll reap loyalty. If we sow diligence we’ll reap plenty.

But there’s another bag of seeds. If from it we sow anger, dishonesty,  lust, and laziness,  we’ll reap discord, distrust,  immorality and want.

We need to choose wisely because whatever we sow will germinate, grow and spread.

But we must also protect our heart from what others sow. If we want to reap a life of integrity and purpose we need friends who will sow truthfulness and vision into our heart . . . friends who will pull weeds from the garden of our soul and replace them with seeds of godliness.

The law of the harvest is inviolable –we always reap what we sow.

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