On a dark rainy day several years ago my mood matched the weather. I climbed in my car and listened to the rain patter on the roof. I felt physically and emotionally drained. 

Suddenly, my cell phone rang. I answered with a cheerier tone than I felt. A voice on the other end said: “Bill, this is John Anderson. I’m calling from Washington, D.C.” John is a Federal Marshall–in fact it’s his job to oversee security for every federal courthouse in the United States. As you can imagine, under the current circumstances, he’s busy.

“Bill,” he continued, “I’ve only got two minutes, but I wanted to pray for you. Okay?”

“Please do,” I said.

Mark prayed for two minutes and said he had to go. As I hung up the phone I realized a miracle had just occurred. My batteries were charged about half-way.

When I got home the phone in my office rang. “This is Kevin,” the man on the other end of the line said. “I just called to pray for you.” Kevin lives in the South. At the time of the call he had recently been diagnosed with a serious illness. As you can imagine–he’s had a lot on his mind–running a business, caring for his family and coping with his diagnosis.

John prayed for about two minutes. When he hung up a second miracle had occurred–my batteries were fully charged.

The next day I called a friend in Seattle. He’s a businessman I’ve been praying for on a regular basis. “This is Bill,” I said. “I’ve only got two minutes, but I wanted to pray for you.” He said, “Okay.” I prayed and said “Goodbye.”

I suspect when I hung up the phone a miracle had occurred. I suspect his batteries were charged.

As a Mighty Man I want to challenge you to try something this week. Call a friend and say: “I’ve only got two minutes. I can’t talk but I wanted to pray for you.” And then pray for them. You never know but your prayers may be just the lift they need on a rainy day when their batteries are low.

And in case you’re wondering–yes, God does tap our phones.

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