Every once in a while I run across an insight so amazing it changes the way I view things. I first heard this one from Astrophysicist Dr. Hugh Ross. He suggests we imagine the two-dimensional image on a television screen actually consists of a living two-dimensional world. If you placed your fingertip on the screen, what would the people in the two-dimensional world see? Your fingertip would be a flat, round, two-dimensional image that would look like a dot. No one in that world would be able to see or comprehend depth any more than a blind person could comprehend color.

If you entered that two-dimensional world and told the people about the three-dimensional world outside of their own, some would believe. But nobody would possess depth perception. They would have to take the existence of such a world by faith.

Similarly, God doesn’t exist just on the other side of the galaxy. He is with us. On occasions he has made himself known through the appearance of angels, a message to the prophets, or, in the case of Moses, a burning bush. His greatest manifestation occurred when he actually became a man, Jesus Christ. John said he and others saw Jesus with their eyes and touched him with their hands (1 John 1:3).

The challenge we face is believing in the presence of a God we can’t see or touch. Jesus understood the difficulty of such faith. After the resurrection he told Thomas, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed” (John 20:29).

Did you catch that last phrase? God’s blessing is ours if we’ll choose to believe in the One we can’t see. How do we do that? Throughout each day take a moment and reflect on the fact that God is in you and with you. Thank him for his presence. Ask him for the grace you need to continue to trust in him even when you don’t sense his presence. But take another step . . . determine to live each moment with a conscious awareness of God’s presence. That, my friend, will change the way you think, act and speak.

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  1. wyatt carter

    I am 80 yrs. old, and even though I have never seen GOD, His Spirit is every believer, I know this for a fact, because in some very stressful times, I could feel His closeness. Even though I lived most of my life in a very sinful matter, He never once let me down, as I did Him, He is not a religion, he is a personal relation!

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