It may be you need to know if God is releasing you from your job or some other responsibility. Such times can be agonizing when it’s unclear if the move you’re considering is wise and if the timing is right. If you’re in that situation, I’d suggest there are four lights that must be green before you move on. 
Determine if your motivation is to escape a problem or pursue a fresh vision from God. If you’re trying to escape a burning building, be careful. Since failure is the seed of success it may be the lessons you’ll learn from your current situation will equip you for later success. Running away is seldom the best solution. However, if you’re pursuing a fresh vision from God the issue may be one of timing. Should you leave now or later?
Core Values
Determine if you can make the move and still hold to your core values. God never asks us to leave one leadership position for a different one that undermines our core values. And even if a core value isn’t threatened, be sure no biblical principle is compromised.
Seek wise counsel. One reason effective leaders make consistently good decisions is because they gain insight from others. Avoid seeking advice from people who will tell you what you want to hear.
God’s Guidance
The night before choosing his disciples Jesus prayed all night. We too must pray if we want God’s direction before making an important decision. It’s unlikely you’ll hear an audible voice from God telling you what to do. Wouldn’t that be nice? However, if the first three lights are green and you feel a sinking in your gut as you pray, God is likely telling you to wait. If as you pray your sense of excitement grows then you can make the move with the confidence it’s consistent with good counsel, God’s moral will, and the prompting of God.
I’ve learned if just one light is red, I should stay where I am. Once I’ve reached that conclusion, then leaving is no longer an option. The only option is to stay where I am and lead with diligence.

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