Twenty-three times Jesus made direct or indirect reference to his death and resurrection. And yet, the disciples never understood what he was talking about.

Once, after he told them he would die and be raised from the dead, the disciples “discussed what ‘rising from the dead’ might mean” (P. 146 The Jesus Story). But they never asked Jesus to explain himself.

During the fourth year of his ministry Jesus said, “The Son of Man will be betrayed into human hands, and they will kill him, and after he is killed he will be raised from the dead on the third day” (p. 150 TJS). Following this we read, “They were filled with grief, even though they didn’t understand what he meant. They were kept from understanding and were afraid to ask” (p. 150 TJS).

As Jesus approached Jerusalem, and the final week of his life, he gave the disciples a detailed description of his upcoming suffering and death. And then he said, “But on the third day he will rise again” (P. 200 TJS).

And yet, “They understood nothing of what he told them, however. The meaning was hidden from them, and they could not comprehend what he was saying” (p. 200 TJS).

Why didn’t the disciples understanding something so simple?

Let me know what you think and next week I’ll share what caused the disciples spiritual blindness and how we can avoid it.

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  1. Colin Ross

    The scripture tells us, ‘kept from understanding’, ‘the meaning was hidden from them’. I believe that they could not grasp what Jesus was telling them because they were not yet filled with the Holy Spirit yet. Without Him there is no understanding. Thanks for your latest book. I’m sending a copy to my oldest niece and a long time old high school buddy.

    • Bill Perkins

      Your reply makes sense. However, the pharisees understood what he meant. They told Pilate, “that imposter said, ‘After three days I will rise again.'” They didn’t have the Holy Spirit and yet they understood.

  2. Sean Harvey

    It is a really interesting concept that they did not understand. After all the miraculous work that Jesus had done, it seems a simple next step to believe that he could conquer death. Yet, it says that they were made or kept from understanding. Perhaps Jesus wanted them to seek him and ask him to reveal more of himself to them. I don’t know – but I think they were kept from understanding so that they would feel and know the weight of Jesus sacrifice. That they would know the grief and uncertainty that life without Jesus would bring. Additionally, perhaps many of them believed, but could not fathom that though he did the miraculous, he was the Son of God. Then they would finally understand who He was and experience all the power and glory of God when he is raised from the dead. i am anxious to hear your thoughts…

  3. Cyndie

    I believe they missed it because it was hidden from them by God as they were not supposed to know until after the cross and until Paul was given the revelation of the gospel of grace by the ascended Lord Jesus.

  4. Carrie Sutherland

    I believe God always reveals to us what He wants us to know at the time He wants us to know it. I wonder if God wanted the disciples to grow in their faith, and knowledge before He wanted to them to know the full extent of what was to come? Maybe they would have been overwhelmed with the devastating news of Christ’s Crucifixion before they understood God’s plan for His Son. Their faith needed to grow so they could see the Hope in the resurrection.

    • Bill Perkins

      You make a good point. But failure to see something after hearing something 22 times shows a high level of blindness. But to your point it shows the need we all have for the Holy Spirit to open our eyes to spiritual truth.

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