The digital version of “Why Naked Women Look So Good” went on sale at Amazon.com last Saturday for $4.99. I want to thank all of you who participated in the online survey I conducted last January. I asked if you would buy a book by this title and 61.5% said you would and 36.2% said you would not. The remaining 2.3% had no response.

What really helped were the 169 of you who left comments explaining yourself. Initially the cover was going to be a bit sexy. Nothing explicit but attention getting. After reading your comments I learned that most of you who said you wouldn’t buy a book with that title did so for one of two reasons: 1) You wouldn’t want someone to see you reading it–children, wife, friends, strangers. 2) You weren’t sure if the content would be appropriate for a Christian.

I heard you and kept the title but put a female stick figure wearing red boots on the cover with this subtitle: Understanding and Meeting a Woman’s Deepest Needs. To make the book even better, a designer friend, Robert Falcone, drew 33 stick figure images that are placed throughout the book to illustrate the point being made.

Some of you wondered if the book was about pornography or how it could be avoided. It is not. In this book I identify eight reasons men find women attractive. But I go deeper. Each reason reveals a need in a woman. The book examines these needs and explains how a man can meet them. The idea is that the sexual energy created in a man when he sees a woman is intended by God, not just for a man’s pleasure, but to enable him to meet his wife’s deepest needs. I guarantee you, if you read this book and put into practice the tips I give at the end of each chapter, your wife will notice the difference in days, not weeks or months.

I encourage you to buy a copy to download on your Kindle, smart phone or computer. You can buy the book here.

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download a free reading app for your smart phone or computer. You can do that here.

The book is 93 pages long with pictures throughout so it’s a quick and fun read. But that doesn’t mean it’s lightweight. The message is biblical and transformational.

Here’s a sample from one of the chapters:

God created a woman’s body to display a glory of its own, a glory that reveals not only the brilliance of the God who created her, but also the beauty of her soul. Her cheeks, eyes, hair, and shoulders are not simply beautiful to gaze upon, they are the windows through which we come to know the precious person within. The loveliness of her breasts, waist, hips, and legs are not just a wonder to behold; they promise a deeper, inner beauty that we long to discover.

To be sure, a woman’s beauty exceeds that of a night sky, autumn leaves, crashing waves, or a setting sun. She is the pinnacle of God’s creation. But like every manifestation of God’s glory, its source is far greater. A woman is deeper than her physical frame, more magnificent than mere flesh and blood. Her body radiates the soul and spirit of a living person filled with hopes and dreams, fears and disappointments. And like Moses on the mountain, we yearn not only to glimpse her glory, but to experience it.

I agree with Charles Spurgeon who said the second greatest request ever made by a man occurred when Moses asked God to teach him his ways so he could know him and find his favor (Exodus 33:13, NIV).

While dating, this is what a man does with a woman. He listens with the skill of a counselor, trying to discover her heart so he can capture her love. He applies all he has learned so he can tell her what she needs to hear and give her what she needs to receive.

Moses asked a great question. But he made a greater request a few verses later. After God told Moses he was pleased with him, the lawgiver boldly said, “Now show me your glory” (Exodus 33:18, NIV).

Once a man knows a woman and has won her trust in marriage, he asks to see what she holds sacred.

A Woman’s Need to Be Understood

This desire to see and enter a woman’s glory has great appeal and gives another reason why naked women look so good. But it also reveals that a woman needs the man in her life to understand her not just during courtship, but throughout marriage. She needs to know you love the person within, not simply the beauty of her body. You don’t accomplish this overnight, but by showing interest over time.

Because your wife’s thoughts and feelings are changing just as yours are, it’s crucial you continually seek to know her. Study her. Ask her questions. Learn new things about her. In this way, you’ll know her better and deepen your love. In the process, she’ll learn that your love for her is holistic, not simply physical.

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