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The book of Proverbs addresses the magnetism between a man and a woman. Agur, the son of Jekah, described four things too wonderful to understand. One of them was how a man loves a woman (Proverbs 30:19). Even that ancient sage couldn’t decipher the electricity between lovers. That’s because:

There is something mysterious stitched into the heart of a man that draws him to a woman.

It’s like sleep, for example. Did you know that scientists don’t fully understand why humans require sleep? [i]

Researchers have discovered what happens when we sleep. They understand what occurs when we are sleep deprived. They even know the numerous benefits of sleep. But nobody can explain why humans must sleep.[ii]

Similarly, no one can fully comprehend the magnetism between a man and a woman. God has designed something wonderful that cannot be reasoned and defies understanding. If, like a mathematical formula, it could be understood, there would be no mystery. And without mystery, there is no wonder.

So one answer to the question, why do naked women look so good, is simply that it is one of God’s mysteries.

Women Need to Be Viewed as Wonderful

A number of years ago I visited the Sistine Chapel in Rome. While I had seen pictures of Michelangelo’s paintings on the domed ceiling, what I saw with my own eyes astonished me. Working from scaffolding high above the floor, Michelangelo dedicated four years of his life to painting some of the best pictorial images of all time. He created nine scenes of biblical characters drawn from the book of Genesis. These images displayed his mastery and understanding of human anatomy and movement, and they changed the course of painting in the Western world.

As I gazed at these masterpieces, I felt a sense of awe. I wanted to visually inspect every inch so I could appreciate the brilliance of a man who so powerfully told God’s story.

In that way I am superior to a fly. That tiny insect could buzz around the Sistine Chapel and even land on Michelangelo’s paintings and not perceive their beauty.

Unfortunately, I’m like that fly when I don’t recognize an even greater wonder–my wife. When she disrobes, I’m in the presence of God’s final creation . . . his masterpiece. Yet, if I pass her by without a sense of awe, I am a fly.

We must reject the fly mentality of indifference and view our wives with awe. This is the first thought and action we must master because our wives need us to view them with wonderment.

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