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The evening I first saw my wife naked, I beheld heaven. Nothing in creation compared with the wonder of her body. Shortly after our honeymoon, I suggested we institute a no-clothing policy in our apartment, when we were alone. Being the modest type, she declined. Despite my repeated pleas, she refused to run, or even walk around our place naked. I simply couldn’t see enough of her. I remember feeling as though I should cover my eyes when she stepped out of the shower or changed clothes. But I wanted to look. I wanted to stare.

Modern culture sends an unmistakable message when it comes to female beauty. Through every medium, whether advertisements, movies, magazines, or the Internet, we’re bombarded with sexualized images of women. Tragically, this reduces women to consumable items and disposable products. In a world driven by consumerism, nothing is sacred that sells. And because a woman’s body sells, images of women bait shoppers to buy everything from cars and clothes to cosmetics and food.

At the same time, the dominant social force of our time, secular humanism, strips the mystery away from beauty. It teaches that men are attracted to women because of natural selection. If men didn’t find women attractive, it reasons, they wouldn’t reproduce, and our species would die. While that could be part of the explanation, taken alone it reduces the attraction between a man and a woman to a purely biological, animalistic instinct, which it isn’t.

Ask the poets, artists, and songwriters of each generation. Or ask someone who, even once in their lifetime, has fallen in love. Beauty, love, attraction–none of it can simply be chalked up to chemical firings in our brain. There is more here than accidental evolutionary development, the random collision of molecules. God carefully crafted sexuality, creating men to find women attractive, to desire their beauty, to pursue their love.

The book of Proverbs addresses the magnetism between a man and a woman. Agur, the son of Jekah, described four things too wonderful to understand. One of them was how a man loves a woman (Proverbs 30:19). Even that ancient sage couldn’t decipher the electricity between lovers. That’s because:

There is something mysterious
stitched into the heart of a man
that draws him to a woman.

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