I’ve never needed the partnership of friends more than now. I’ve worked for a year to bring The Jesus Story to a place where it’s ready to be printed and shipped. It’s been a labor of love and I think when you watch the video, or watch it again, you’ll agree it’s an amazing book.

This is something special you’ll want for yourself and as a gift for family and friends. It’s special because the story of Jesus has never, in the history of the church, been told in quite this way. Nor has it ever been placed in such a beautiful and classic book. Reading about Jesus without the distractions of chapter and verse references, footnotes, cross-references, commentary and story headings, will be an entirely fresh experience for you. It has changed how I see Jesus as well as my life and ministry.

And yet, without your help it may never be published. The way Kickstarter works is if a funding goal is set and met, the book is published. If not, the book is not published and your pledge is never taken. It would be easy to look at the early funding numbers and conclude reaching the goal is a certainty. However, we are still far short of the goal with time counting down.

So I encourage you to watch The Jesus Story video, or watch it again. If you think you would like the book, then act today. Pledge to sponsor a reward, and then share the link on social media and with everyone you know. Together we can bring this masterpiece to print so we, our family and friends can experience Jesus as never before.

Thanks for partnering with me on this.

Locking arms,


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  1. Judy Brooks

    I know that I want at least 2 volumes of your book and have posted to friends. Praying for for successful republishing of your book. Blessings

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